Mark Reindel's Page (broadband recommended)

Mark Reindel of Siasconset, MA was principally responsible for my lifelong interest in falconry. This started in 1963, I think, when I saw him throw a piece of meat for an immature Swainson's hawk that was in a tree in his yard in Barrington Hills, IL. The bird dove down to grab it and I was hooked. So I gave him his own page. Actually the reason is that he gave me so many pictures that I did not want to flood one of the other pages with these pictures. The following pictures are mostly but not completely related to Mark's interest in falconry. Currently Mark is flying a Barbary X gyr tiercel (Frankie), prominently featured here, and to a lesser degree, a tiercel anatum peregrine (Rusty). He also runs an old age home for two 20+ year old birds, Sabra (peregrine X prairie falcon) and Ernest (merlin X peregrine tiercel).

Mark with Cricket, his prairie falcon who was killed while hunting ducks in the early 1980's. She broke her neck after striking Mark in the head, which knocked him out. I learned many years later from Don Adams, that the impact cracked Mark's skull and put Mark in the hospital. This bird holds the upper NE record for game caught by a first year imprint falcon. Salt marsh hawking, 16 ducks and 3 geese. She would catch ducks and swim them to shore

Mark's neighbor, caught on camera trying to steal Frankie. Years later Frankie was attacked and badly injured by a red-tailed hawk. He never really recovered.

A picture of Mark and me with Sabra, winter 1991-1992, with a black duck. Taken in Siascoset, MA (Nantucket Isalnd).

Mark with Sabra, peregrine X prairie falcon, winter 1991-1992

Mark as a budding young falconer in Barrington Hills, Illinois. The picture says 1963 (with an eyas Mississippi Valley Red-tail Hawk)

Mark and brother, John, with three young peregrine falcons
captured in Nantucket in early 1970's

Mark's dad, John (Jack) with Frankie in 2005

Mark with Ranger (French Brittany), Frankie, and a drake mallard

Mark with tiercel goshawk, Faust. Early 1980's

Mark's immature Cooper's hawk, Corina.

Mark's very good tiercel peregrine, Angus. Flew off while on a trip to Kansas in mid-ninties. Talk about a "long wing." There is another picture of this bird on the "People" page.

A very young Frankie