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Who's Who: Mark Reindel, one of my oldest friends, whom I've known since 1963. Most of the time he lives in Siasconset, Massachusetts on Nantucket Island. My interest in falconry is largely his fault. Jim Ince, my sponsor, lives ten minutes from me in Bellaire, TX. Until recently Jim was the VP of North American Falconers' Association. Paul Glasser is a friend from prep-school. I think that I introduced him to falconry, and recently reconnected with him after about thirty years. My lovely wife Stephanie, who puts up with me, is shown holding Bravo in our backyard in Houston. Cody Fields and Bob Peavy, two buddies that I met in Abilene, TX in January of 2005. It was they that pointed out that I could go to Arkansas and trap a kestrel. Hence Apollo. They live in Arkansas, but Bob is a Texas resident. Then, author Matthew Mullenix, who came to Houston to fly birds with Jim Ince. We all had a great time, and I learned a lot about kestrels in a couple of days. Finally, Roger Crandall who helped me catch two passage red-tails, and his charming wife Claudia, who volunteered to clean Cisco's "Pepsi Field" rabbit.

Mark Reindel and Maggie in 1992 with captive bred tiercel peregrine, "Angus" (Photo: Ingrid Sofrin)

Jim Ince, 3/5/2005, with 7X intermewed tiercel peregrine,
Gaucho, and a hard won snipe.
(Photo: Matthew Mullenix)

A picture of me in 1966 with an eyass female red-tail, Jezebel.
I had her from April 1966 until June or July 1967, when she
escaped during the molt

Thirty-eight years later with passage kestrel, "Alex" - 12/28/2004. We were attempting to catch sparrows hiding in a bush along this street. Although she chased lots of sparrows during her last month, she had no interest on this particular day. This picture was taken just three days before she was attacked by a wild female sharp-shin hawk and disappeared without a trace

Paul Glasser, St. Louis, early 1967 with a very late trapped first year tiercel Harris's hawk, "Eric." Trapped in south of San Antonio, TX in the spring, Eric was close to a year old at this point. I have spent colse to fifty years calling this bird a haggard. (This update, May 18, 2017, more than a decade after this page first published)

Paul Glasser with intermewed eyass tiercel red-tail, "Dutch" and cottontail in South Texas (1969)

Cody Fields in Ft Smith, AR, February 2006, with passage light-phase Harlan's hawk, "Indy", and a 4 lb swamp rabbit. This little redtail flies at 700 grams

Steph and "Bravo," passage tiercel redtail, October 19, 2005. Late the following month, Bravo disappeared right after being trained.

Bob Peavy in Jetmore, KS in 2004, with twice intermewed passage tiercel redtail, "Cowboy"

Bob Peavy with "Cowboy", August 2004 in Natural Dam, AR

Apollo the kestrel fighting over a starling with kestrel guru, Matthew Mullenix, Houston, 3/5/2005

Matt Mullenix, 3/5/2005 with six time intermewed captive bred tiercel Harris hawk, "Charlie." After seven seasons Matt returned the bird to Tom and Jennifer Coulson for their decimated HH breeding project.

1/16/2006 - Roger and Claudia Crandall in Ft Worth, TX. Shown with their Harris' hawks, Chucky and Chili.

4/9/2006 - Randell Kocurek with his rabbit catching passage red-tail, Neptune

My friend Mike Wiegel, most frequent field buddy