What is Virtual Video?

Tired of waiting in line on a Friday night so that you can get a movie to rent? Wouldn't it be great to go to the video store and be out of there in less than one minute? What about when you really want to see a movie, and you get to the store only to find that it's not available?

Virtual Video is a modern concept that takes care of this. When you want to see a movie, sit down at your computer, and get on the Internet. Go to http://virtualvideo.cc. Using our handy store finder, locate the nearest Virtual Video store. Order your movie on line and pay with a credit card or PayPal. Drive to the store, pull up to the window, give the attendant your Personal Identification Code (PIC), and he will hand you the movies. Head to the house. Never any disappointment, because if you can order the movie then you will know that it is reserved for you before you leave home.

10 FAQ's:

  1. What's a PIC? This is a randomly generated word/number combination that allows the customer complete anonymity when he or she pulls up to the window. An example might be "leaf15" or "jet 22." Any time an order is placed, the system generates a PIC associated with the order. Write it down or remember it. That is the only thing you will need to pick up your movies.
  2. What's so great about this system? First, it is much faster. You will never have to wait in line to pay. Secondly, you will never have to go to the video store, and leave disappointed. When you order the movie from our web site, that movie is yours. Thirdly, you don't have to park, you stay in your car.
  3. What happens if I pay for a movie, but don't pick it up? If you do not pick the up the movie, you will be charged for one rental period. If you change your mind, you can pick it up any time during that rental period, but the return date remains the same. The rental begins the day that you rent the movie, not the day that you pick it up.
  4. What happens if I don't return a movie? The rental will continue to be renewed until the charge reaches $22. Then the charges stop. The movie is yours.
  5. How long is the rental period? It ranges from one night to six nights, depending on the movie. Brand new releases are rented for one night only. Movies released less than a year are rented for three nights, while older movies are rented for six nights. You will know what the rental period is for any particular movie when you check out.
  6. Do you have VHS movies? Yes. Both DVD and VHS movies are available at this time, though the market for VHS cassettes is shrinking.
  7. Suppose you charge my credit card incorrectly? This is very unlikely, but if it does happen, please go to our "Contact Us" web page. There is both an email address and a customer service number. We will resolve it.
  8. How much are the movies and when do I need to return them? All movies are $3.50. Videos are due back at the store before noon (following the 1st, 3rd, or 6th night).
  9. How do I return a video? We have a drive through lane with a special container for the movie. Just drop it in.
  10. Suppose I get a damaged video? During store hours, pull up to the window, and give the movie back to the attendant. Tell him your PIC. Your account will be credited within 72 hours. After hours, put the movie in the return container, but mark it as "Damaged." Include your PIC, and your account will be credited back.

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