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Three people were largely responsible for my getting (back) into falconry. Mark Reindel, Matthew Mullenix because of his book on American kestrels, and Jim Ince. Several years ago Jim wrote an article in Hawk Chalk about using a garnished pole to help retrieve his high-strung cassini peregrine, Gaucho. This tiercel specializes in hard to catch, but easy to carry small birds, like snipe. In 2002, Mark read the article and suggested that I call this falconer, "Jim somebody..... he lives somewhere in Texas. Bellaire. Is that near you? I've talked to him a couple of times. Here's his phone number." Jim's house is about 10 or 15 minutes from mine if there's no traffic. I did call him and he was kind enough to let me accompany him with Gaucho in the field a number of times. In 2002 I had only a vicarious interest in falconry. When I decided to get back into it, Jim became my sponsor and friend. Especially at crucial times he has come through with valuable help and advice.

Jim has been a falconer since the early 1960's flying a large variety of raptors, but has a particular affection for peregrines and merlins. He has flown Gaucho for seven or eight years, and had a peregrine falcon called Zulu, that he flew for nine years. He has also flown redtails, kestrels, goshawks, Cooper's hawks, eagles and has dabbled with sharp-shinned hawks.

Jim served as Vice-President of North American Falconer's Association, and currently sits on the Texas Falconry Advisory board. He is a member of Texas Hawking Association. Jim is a fine craftsman, making first rate bells and hoods, along with the usual gear that most falconers make.

Below are some pictures highlighting an exceptional 40+ year falconry career.

A fairly typical picture of Jim with Gaucho (picture by Matthew Mullenix, I think)

The closest I have been to Gaucho while unhooded (3/5/2005) in Missouri City TX (picture taken by me or possibly Matthew Mullenix)

Jim and I in his backyard in Bellaire. 1/7/2006, (picture by Greg Carrier) Cisco in Jim's weathering area. Happened to be the morning of Cisco's second field kill.

Jim with Gaucho, just taken up from hack in Montana in 1998.

Jim with first peregrine falcon, "Honey", with first duck. November, 1968 in Lubbock, TX

Lubbock, TX, 1968. With a golden eagle, "Bridget, " lent to him by the owner of a roadside zoo around Amarillo. He flew this bird for a year.

1990's in Missouri City, TX. Jim with a merlin in his field which is being developed out from under him. The Ft Bend Tollway now runs through there.

Houston, 1983, with "Zulu", an eyas anatum pergrine falcon. Her third speckle belly goose of her first season. Jim flew her for nine years before she was tragically killed flying into a wire fence.

Zulu in her second season, 1984. Note the adult plumage.

Jim in his workshop where he enjoys making making bells and hoods - Year 2000

With a female Cooper's hawk, "Koubaka," in 1968, again in Lubbock. This bird caught a lot of game but was difficult to house.

With Gaucho in January of 1999, with a bobwhite quail

Sharkie, Jim's best tundra tiercel

Snipe hunting in 1972 with Sharkie

3/18/2007 - With Gaucho late in Gaucho's carreer.  A few months earlier,
Gaucho was injured, either by a fence, a wild red-tail, or falcon.  He never
really recovered, though caught a snipe.  On this particular day he had
taken off and landed on one of the TV towers, and we chased him with
telemetry.  This same day Gaucho was attacked by Mike Wiegel's haggard
kestrel, as Gaucho sat hooded on a screen perch in Jim's truck.  As of May
2007 Gaucho was supposed to go to Greg Moore's breeding program in Dallas,
with Jim's planning to fly a merlin in the fall of 2007. (Picture: Chuck Redding)