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Buyer Beware

A list of businesses I would avoid like the plague, and the reasons.  No particular order.

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The Company Store (TCS) gets (or used to get) money from a scam business called Buyer's Edge.  They managed to bilk my elderly mother out of an extra $150 when my mother purchased $50 worth of goods from Company.  TCS was no help in trying to retrieve the money.  The Buyer's Edge "membership" will be renewed again annually unless it's stopped with a phone call. Information about this scam is floating around the Internet.  TCS may have discontinued the practice, but have never disavowed it.  Based on what I read on the Internet, many folks lost money because of Buyer's Edge.  It is a shame that TCS is/was involved in this, because they offer some nice products. 

John Eagle Honda in Houston TX (JEH) got my sister into a lease that she could not afford.  Later, the finance manager* provided false information to me for about a half hour about the terms of lease and repayment.  Later, when he realized he was caught, he never answered his phone again, and would not return my phone calls.  Also JEH stuck my sister with all those goodies like fabric protection and undercoat, that Consumer's Report tries to warn folks about.  $1700 extra for that.  Yes, it's a car dealership so one should always be careful.............  

*name available - please email me.