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A Great Perch for $65

2/27/2007 - Cisco on the U perch - This shot shows the various features of the perch.
No ring, leash tied on the side by the bath pan, low to the ground, compact, and
short leash.

This perch was inspired by my reading of Steve Martin's
article, "Training Schemes for Achievable Dreams," found in one the 1997 Hawk Chalks.  I am offering this perch for $65 each complete, $50 with no paint or perch surface, plus shipping (estimated $5 to $15).  If you took a standard 12" ring perch and pushed it in the ground until only the top half of the ring was showing, you would essentially have this perch.  It is simpler to make and uses less material than either a ring perch or typical bow perch.  See the picture below.

This perch offers the following advantages.

  1. Improved bath pan accessibility, since the leash is always tied on the bath pan side;
  2. Only a short leash is required;
  3. Relatively inexpensive
  4. Compact and light;
  5. No sliding ring required;
  6. Adequate tail clearance;
  7. Increases effective size of weathering area, since leash is tied at post at center of weathering enclosure;
  8. Very little perch to get tangled in the leash;
  9. Low perching aids in field training;

I will always try to have one in stock.  Stainless steel or painted black or green, with an astroturf perching surface, it is excellent for RT's, HH's or goshawks, and may also be used for any smaller hawk.  Email me. If I have one available, I'll let you know.  Paypal accepted (just notify me via email) or send a check to:

Chuck Redding
2122 Shadybriar Dr
Houston, TX 77077

Please email:

If you want to make one yourself, and have access to a welder, go to and order the part 8880T18.  About $26 plus shipping.  This is a U-bolt for a 10" pipe.  Weld a 3/4" bar across the perch, 7 1/2 inches from the threaded ends.  Grind points on end.  My welder charged $20 for three units,with his supplying cross bar.  Sand and paint the metal, if desired, and build up the perch surface.  It will probably cost you less than $40.



If you want to go really cheap, make a perch without the cross bar.  Buy the U bolt, add perch surface, and shove into ground.  This works well in an enclosed area, but is NOT RECOMMENDED for open air weathering because of the small chance of the perch's being pulled out of the ground by the hawk.  She may take off trailing leash.  

Here is a picture of the hawk with the original prototype having no cross bar.  It is a U bolt for a 12" pipe, larger than what I buy now.  It is 14" across, and has a 7/8" cross section diameter.  I continue to use this perch.  Unpainted, it is covered in iron oxide (rust).