The Texas Hawking Association Annual Meet is held each year in January.  After years of being held in Abilene, the venue changed to Waco in 2013.  This nationally known event draws falconers not just from Texas but throughout the U.S. for four days of meetings, seminars, socializing and, of course, hawking. The meets are held in centrally located cities in Texas.  At the same time THA tries to provide good game and habitat areas.

The meet features numerous guest speakers who share their expertise on a wide array of topics, such as hunting, conservation, legal issues, equipment making and captive breeding. Past guests to the THA Annual Meet have included world famous falconers such as Hal Webster and Morley Nelson. Speakers have included Steve Chindgren, Mike McDermott, Bruce Haak, Jim Ince, Jeremy Bradshaw, Gary Brewer, and Ed Pitcher.

The meet also features the Annual Banquet and Raffle, sponsored by many of the leading U.S. falconry equipment makers such as USFalconry.com, Marshall, Western Sporting, RodentPro, Mike's Falconry, Northwoods Ltd., etc. (please see the links section for a complete list of THA sponsors.)

Learning and great prizes aside, the THA Annual Meet is all about getting out in the field with the birds. The ponds are usually abundant with ducks for the longwingers. For those flying Harris' and Red Tails, the large rabbit population provides for plenty of spectacular flights. While there may occasionally be ice storms and lean game years, the THA Annual Meet is always a success as falconers join together to renew old friendships and create new ones, swap stories, learn, laugh, and share the passion that is falconry.

For individuals interested in falconry, attending the THA Annual Meet will provide a wealth of opportunity to learn more about the sport. You'll have the chance to meet and talk with falconers who have many years of experience, ask questions, attend seminars and see the birds in action. You can also meet with the Apprentice Coordinator who can help get you started on the right foot towards finding a sponsor. Most importantly, it will give you insight into whether or not falconry is really for you. Please consider becoming a THA member, and joining us for the Texas Hawking Association's Annual Meet.


Next Meet Location: Waco, Tx.
Dates: January 17-20, 2014
Runs Friday through Until Monday

Hotel Accommodations are arranged in advance, but the number of rooms are usually limited, so early registration is recommended.

Actual event schedule updates, times and locations are sent to members well in advance by e-mail. Please see the Events and Meetings page for additional details.


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