LED Lamps: A win-win deal that will reduce electric bills with no up-front investment. Pay for Savings Only.


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Save money immediately on your property lighting with no risk, no purchase and no locked-in contract.

How it Works:
City Lights performs a lighting/energy audit on the home or business;
An energy cost saving estimate document is produced;
After review, agreement, and approval with customer, a contract is signed;
At no charge to customer, City Lights replaces incandescent lamps on property with new LED lamps; 
Customer and City Lights split the energy savings, and customer is billed monthly for half of the total savings

Fine print: Lamps remain the property of City Lights, but customer is responsible for protecting from theft or damage from any cause. If lamps are destroyed, damaged, or stolen, customer must reimburse City Lights at cost. City Lights or customer may terminate the contract for any reason, at any time, but all lamps will be picked up by City Lights, and previous lamps replaced. At no charge, City Lights will replace any lamps that burn out in normal usage. Lamps stay on customer property until contract is terminated.

Expected Savings:

An LED lamp uses about 14% of the electricity required for an incandescent lamp. Put another way, LED lamps reduce the lighting expense by about 86%. They last 25X longer. They are twice as efficient as compact fluorescent lamps and last more than twice as long as CFL's. They contain no mercury.

Best case is replacing 24/7 incandescent lamps, such as hallway or stairs at apartment or hotel. Assume a quantity of 100 lamps, 24 hour/day usage, 60 Watt incandescent lamps replaced with 8.5 Watt LED having comparable light output. Incremental electric cost: 10.5 cents/kilowatt-hr. Formula: 100 lamps X .0515 kilowatt savings/lamp X 24 hours X 365 days X $0.105 per kilowatt-hr / 12 months = $394.75 per month. This is the total reduction on the electric bill. This amount is split between customer and City Lights and is billed monthly. Customer would pay City Lights $197.37 per month, determined by energy audit. This amount is fixed for a year and is adjusted up and down with electric rates, but only annually.

Overnight or all day case is well worth doing, but less impressive. Assume 8 hour per day usage, so 1/3 of above, or $131.58 saved, $65.79 per month billed to customer. With lamps having four hour daily use, obviously the savings are cut in half again.

On most properties there will be a mix of above cases. LED's are not competitive with compact fluorescent lamps as CFL's already effect tremendous energy savings. Though not as efficient as LED's and containing mercury, CFL's are cost effective. Their cost to operate is roughly twice that of LED lamps, and the CFL life less than half of LED.

In addition to direct savings, additional benefits of efficient lighting are reduction of A/C bill in summer and (gas) heating bill in winter. There is no additional benefit if property uses electric heat. Also, the long life of LED lamps reduces maintenance costs on the property, as an LED lamp lasts roughly 25X longer than an incandescent lamp.

If customer would like to replace lamps that are running less than three hours per day, he or she may rent them from City Lights for $0.50 to $1.00 per month each, depending on City Lights' initial cost of lamp.

Contact Chuck Redding at 713.560.0517, or email citylights@virtualvideo.cc


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